cole wilson

Hello! I’m a high school programmer with a passion for back-end web development, systems administration, offensive cybersecurity, python, and lots more. I’m a proud member of hack club, and run a coding club at my school. I am also really interested in competitive robotics, and participate in FIRST robotics.

I’ve made several open-source projects (which you can find below!). I also do a lot of security research / bug finding, and have made several responsible disclosures over the last couple years.

You can find my github at cole-wilson, and I’m on twitter at __colewilson__. If you would like to email me, please decode this hex-encoded string: ‘68 65 79 40 63 6f 6c 65 2e 77 73’. I’m always happy to talk about projects!

  • [sailboat] a python packaging and development tool
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